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My boyfriend and I just had sex for the first time. I'm a little stressed.

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend and I just had sex for the first time (first time for both of us). We had a talk about it a couple days before it happened. We wanted to know what we were doing and know about the different kinds of condoms. We basically just discussed, everything. We talked about emergency contraceptions and all the different consequences before having sex etc.
Anyways, we had protected sex on June 15th. He made sure he opened the package right and he followed the instructions. I'm sure he knows how to put the condom on correctly - left room at the top of the condom for the cum and everything. We had sex, but during sex we switched condoms (not because the first one broke or anything, it was because it wasn't lubricated enough, and started to hurt and just feel bad).
My boyfriend says that when he masturbates he pre-ejaculates a couple seconds before he actually ejaculates. It happens a couple seconds before he ejaculates.
Before he actually ejaculated my boyfriend pulled out and sat away from me on the side of the bed and ejaculated into the condom. He pulled out and sat away, and that's when it all came out.
I'm just concerned because I don't know if maybe he pre-ejaculated when he was switching condoms, and the precum got on the outside of the 2nd condom? He says he didn't and he checked and made sure but, i'm just a little worried thats all.
After it was over, we both took a shower and I wanted to be sure the condoms were good so we checked the condoms and they didn't break/tear/rip or anything. To be sure we filled them up with water when they were a bit dry and the condoms didn't seem to leak any water (the outside stayed dry with the water in it). No leak, the condom was good.

Right now, I'm experiencing some bubbling in my stomach, I read that that's probably from some air being pushed into my stomach. I burp a lot now and it seems to help with the aches so, i'm assuming its just gas/air.

My period should start at the beginning of July .. somewhere around July 3rd - 5th.

I trust my boyfriend. We're sure we're okay. Its just our first time, so i'm a little worried about it. I've been looking at different questions and answers almost all day, just trying to ease my mind.

I guess, I feel kind of alone and worried and I'm not really sure if I should be worried, or perfectly comfortable. Maybe I'm just looking for a bit of reassurance, or some actual facts, or anything really.
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