Harriet (geekyisgood) wrote in vaginapagina,

Implant, HBC in general and low sex drive

Hi all. My partner and I have become frustrated with my low sex drive. There may be a range of factors contributing to this (it was pretty high when we got together three years ago) but one thing we are wondering about specifically is my contraception method. I got the implant (Nexplanon) put in about four months into our relationship and personally it's been pretty great for me (no periods! no need to remember to do anything!) but my sex drive has really suffered over this time. Beforehand I was taking Microgynon 30 (combined oral contraceptive), which I used whenever in long term relationships since I was 18 (now 27). I'd say that my sex drive was moderate to strong over that time (apart from when I took citalopram for a few months when it went through the roof).

I know there's some scientific research which indicates hormonal birth control (HBC) causes an increase in sexual dysfunction, including loss of desire (there was a paper in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2010), but as far as I can tell they looked at all HBC together. Does anyone have any info on whether different forms of HBC (especially whether using progesterone-only or progesterone-and-oestrogen) have different effects? I want to make sure I've found an alternative I'm happy with before I remove the implant. I've had a look through the archives

A few more details which might be of note: I developed anorgasmia when I was 23, but I broke that during this relationship (about a year in, so after the implant, although I can't really come on my own still); more recently (I guess for about a year) I have experienced pain from penetration by my partner's penis or similar sized dildos but I am fine with fingers and slim dildos (I know I should talk to a doctor about this, but somehow it doesn't seem important enough).
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