stubbynails09 (stubbynails09) wrote in vaginapagina,

Do I have herpes??

As I'm on the verge of tears I don't know where else to turn on a in the middle of the night on the weekend.

So first my lady bits were in a lot of pain because I thought it was because of perineum tearing. My ex and I recently got back in a relationship together and had a lot of sex which included a lot of different positions with me having to be really flexible. So now the area between my vagina and anus still hurts a lot mostly when I try to spread my butt cheeks.
But then these bumps came around my vulva. I thought they were ingrown hairs but I have 4 of them at the exact same time. 2 of them are closer to where hair would grow the other two kinda sorta not really.
For the most part these bumps look like pimples but I was looking a bit closer and did some Googling and thought it may resemble herpes bumps. The pain/tingling/itchiness comes and goes but is not consistent. They aren't discharging anything but the pain resembled an ingrown hair on my vulva (reasons why I should stop shaving down there in a hurry.) Other than that no other symptoms I think I could associate with herpes.
So here's the kicker. My boyfriend and I were in a committed relationship except we broke up. While we still hooked up I hooked up with 2 other people. One I used a condom with the other not so much. It's been at least a month since I hooked up with the condom-less guy which is concerning because I heard you can experience symptoms weeks after it happening. (BTW condomless guy showed no symptoms if that matters)
It's just interesting that's happening while my perineum is trying to heal as well.
Unfortunately I don't have insurance so I'll have to make an appt with my local public health office on Monday and who knows when they'll be able to see me for testing but I'm looking for a peace of mind. Also, I don't know what to do with my boyfriend as we have had unprotected sex since I was with the condom-less guy and may have been exposed to this.
So what do you think? Herpes? Or something else?
Thanks in advance!!
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