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Caya Diaphgram and alternative to spermicide?

Hi VP!
Has anyone heard of the Caya diaphragm?  It's recently been approved for over the counter sale in Canada - exciting! 

What I find even more intriguing is the gel they suggest you use it with.  Traditionally diaphragms are used with spermicide, which can increase risks of STIs, as I understand it.  Instead, the company recommends a gel made of: water, Lactic Acid, Lactate, Methylcellulose and Sorbic acid.  The French page says that it works by the increasing the pH of the vagina, causing sperm to become immobile, and preventing yeast infections.  What do you all think?  Has anyone heard of this?  Would this gel be effective as a contraceptive and more vagina-friendly than spermicide?

(There's also a Canadian page for the gel that says it's been approved in Canada:

Thank you!!

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