Kagome (kagome_angel) wrote in vaginapagina,

At My Wits' End--Please Help!

Hello all you lovely individuals in this amazing group. I am in need of advice/assistance/thoughts/input. Nearing the end of April, I had a yeast infection. I knew it was a yeast infection--I've had those lovely things before, which I have typically cleared up with a dose of either Diflucan or one day Tioconazole. However, because I had a kidney stone at the same time, it had caused a UTI so I was given Bactrim for that and told to use Monistat as well as the Diflucan. Took the Diflucan, tried the Monistat, but had a terrible reaction with the seven-day cream, so did the one-day ovule instead and didn't have that horrible reaction. Had my period come (I am on birth control, Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, if that matters) and everything seemed to be getting better. Then I tried intercourse with my husband (I have always been good to go a week after taking treatment with prior yeast infections) and it hurt. A lot. I figured I might be a bit raw down there from treatment so we stopped and tried again the next day. It still hurt but not as bad. Since it was still hurting though and burning a little upon urination, I called to schedule another doctor's appointment. Saw another doctor, and she did a vaginal exam and told me that it looked like I still had yeast. She did no swab, no culture. Just gave me more Diflucan, several doses. Told me to take one that day, one three days later, and then one a week after if needed and to try Canasten and never use monistat again. So I did the Diflucan. I did the Canasten pessary. Things seemed to get even worse. Made another doctor's appointment. He did a swab, told me that there were white blood cells on the wet mount. Gave me a round of Flagyl, told me to take 250mg twice a day for seven days. Monday I will be finished with my round of antibiotics. I have had NO improvement whatsoever. Still burns when I urinate. I look a bit red and swollen there, and when I wipe it burns. Intercourse with my husband is out of the question--even putting a finger inside hurts. I have NEVER had anything like this happen to me before. I'm not having any smelly discharge--only slightly more discharge than what I am used to. It is a bit milky and leaves tiny white "spots" in my underwear. I have been wearing cotton underwear this whole time since the yeast infection. I don't bathe, I shower. I don't continue to wear gym clothes after exercising, etc. I haven't changed washing powders or anything. I don't wash down there with soap, just water. I take probiotics on a regular basis. I don't itch down there at all. It just burns when I urinate and it hurts if I touch the area, etc. My husband and I are monogamous.

This is ridiculous. I have been getting increasingly depressed. I have had yeast infections before which have cleared up quickly. This has been going on nearly two months now and it is making me lose it. If anyone out there has some insight, I would be so tremendously grateful. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this, and thank you, dear moderator, for running a group like this. I was feeling as if I am all alone in this, and nothing... absolutely nothing is really being DONE to fix it. Or, at least, nothing is actually FIXING it. Thank you.
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