lilmizzaniml (lilmizzaniml) wrote in vaginapagina,


So, I was prescribed megestrol to help increase my appetite. Based on reading that I did on the drug, it seems it has the potential to mess with your cycle, but it seemed to me it mostly was either lack of a period (didn't say so specifically, but said "Do not assume that you cannot get pregnant" so I took it to mean no period) or spotting.  I took one dose only and since then, my last two periods have been significantly early. The first one arrived 10 days early (about 4 days after the only dose) and the second one about 7 days early (based on the prediction from my app based on the previous early period). Could this be because of the megestrol? Could one dose screw me up that much?


To note, my doctors are surprised I even have periods as I am in renal failure and on dialysis. Back in March, I missed a period completely, though it was likely due to extreme weight loss the last 2 weeks of February. My periods since February have been brutal in comparison since I had my peritoneal dialysis catheter placed. My dialysis nurse seemed surprised to hear that. This morning I was doubled over in bed because of the cramping.


So, any thoughts?

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