Sarah (ununpentium) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sweat rash?

For maybe a month or so now I've been experiencing a lot of itching around my vagina on the inner folds and labia. I initially thought it was thrush and so bought the canesten pessary and cream. I used the cream for about 6 days or so and the itching did get better.

But now it's back again. I have a feeling it wasn't thrush, and might be sweat rash which I just read about on the canesten website.

My symptoms:
- Itchiness on the inner folds and labia around my vagina, at times so intense it drives me crazy
- A little red patch that seems to be the main focus of the itch
- My inner folds and labia feel wet most of the time, to the point today when I stood up I thought for a second my period had started
- The white creamy smegma can build up very fast
- Sometimes I get a burny sort of pain where the itchiness is

My discharge is normal and most of the time my smell is normal but can get stronger when the smegma builds up.

I admit I don't wash every single day. Sometimes I wash on the 3rd day. I know my symptoms do get worse if not washed for 3 days but I did wash myself yesterday and already today the symptoms started this afternoon.

It has been VERY hot here this past few days which I suspect has caused me to sweat. I wear cotton knickers but am almost always in jeans.

Does this sound like sweat rash? What should I do to make it go away?
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