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Doctor ordered CA125 test because of ovarian cyst - confused

Me again. I made the appointment for my pap, and asked to have my ovaries looked at while I was there, because I pretty much always have a cysty buddy along for the ride and I've been having some pelvic discomfort lately.

Sure enough, on the right side, as usual, I had a hanger-on.

Doc measured it and said he wanted to do a tumor marker test just to be safe. He's only done this once before, and that was for a cyst that was twice as big as this one.

So I'm confused about why he would do this.

I have a long history with ovarian cysts, including endometriomas and hemorrhagic cysts (okay, honestly I don't know what the difference is there, I just know what's on the scan results pages). He thinks it's the same cyst I had last time I was there a year ago, and if it is, it hasn't changed much if at all. Still about 5 cm at its widest. It's mostly fluid-filled; the walls are smooth; if it has septations he didn't mention them. The left ovary looks normal (is it acceptable to use the word "normal" here in this context?) and apparently, were it something bad, both ovaries would probably be affected.

This was the first time he was able to spot a cyst using an external ultrasound. I have no idea if that's good, bad or neutral, but it's *different* and that's enough to concern me. A friend my age was just diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, as I posted about a few days ago, which puts it at the front of my mind as something to worry about.

I asked why he was testing and he said since it's been there so long, on the "outside chance" he wanted to make sure. I believe him that he's not very worried, because he has no reason to lie. I'm just worried about that outside chance and confused as to why, if this cyst seems benign, he's running a test on this particular one when everything he describes seem pretty much exactly like every other cyst I've had. Is this a standard thing when they don't go away on their own? (Mine rarely if ever seem to do that, for whatever reason. Either they rupture, they continue growing or they just...chill.)

So, yeah. It took me like an hour's worth of text to get to my actual question: is this a common thing to do when a cyst has lingered this long/a common reason for doing this test? Normally I'd let it go a little more easily, but given my friend's diagnosis. Yeah. It's a bit hard to get off my mind.
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