katanddmouse (katanddmouse) wrote in vaginapagina,

that smell

I am 20 y.o. and 9 weeks pregnant, will be my first baby. I've heard that it is normal for young women like me in early pregnancy are constantly wet with an increase in CM, which often leads to a constant vaginal discharge. My boyfriend and I are having a lot of condom-less sex, and he ejaculates inside me often many times a day. Lately I have been having a different vaginal discharge then usual. Cloudy white with areas of pure white blobs, very slippery and has a strange odor of bleach or chlorine?, sometimes kind of a fishy smell especially if after we recently had sex. The odor is not bad smelling, no one has mentioned it to me including my boyfriend even when he fingers me, or eats me out. Only I notice my odor. I have been having to change my panties often, many times a day and Im starting to wear pads. What is going on down there? Would you think that it is just my fertile CM, bacterial vaginitis, his sperm? Should I be concerned?
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