rose_may2000 (rose_may2000) wrote in vaginapagina,

bleeding after sex


Last wedsnday I had sex for the first time in over 9 months. Yay! I'd like to get pregnant so no condom used. Things were great except I started bleeding. I haven't stopped. I went to the Dr. After 5 days and he didn't have much to say. Bleeding was heavier after with a lot of large clots but I'm assuming that's from having a pap done.

I had my period two weeks prior to sex and it's been irregular. Last two have been 60 days apart. I've been to a fertility Dr and things seem to be ok. Besides the pcos.

My regular Dr said this bleeding had nothing to do with pcos. I'm not sure if my cervix was hit? Google isn't much help here.

Anyone had this happen to them? Any idea when the bleeding should stop? My guess is I can't get pregnant if I'm bleeding for days after so this is pretty frustrating.
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