blackrosedog (blackrosedog) wrote in vaginapagina,

Question about ejaculating

Hello VPers! I have a question or two about gushing/squirting/female-ejaculation or whatever else you might call it and have thus far not been able to find much about it online or from my friends, so I was hoping to tap into your wealth of knowledge and experiences. :-)

I have been gushing for a long time, since before I knew what it was- like many other people, I assumed I was peeing, but I know now with 99% certainty that the liquid I've been expelling is not urine. Since then, I basically enjoy doing so regularly, when it's convenient.
Now, finally to my question(s):

  1. Penetration/g-spot stimulation helps me reach a state where I can squirt, but I cannot squirt while anything is penetrating me, no matter how small. It's like my urethra is blocked off. Is this something that any of you have any experience with? It doesn't really bother me, it just seems like every description of gushing that I've read hasn't mentioned it. It just seems a bit odd to me.

  2. When I gush, it's almost 100% voluntary. I actually have to "make" myself do so (much like one would decide to pee or not) by pushing outwards, and ever when I have the urge, no matter how strong, I can hold it in. Again, does this sound familiar to any of you? It just seems to me like all the descriptions and testimonials make it sound like it's sort of involuntary when it happens, similar an orgasm, which is just not the case for me.

So, in conclusion, I have no complaints about the state of my vagina and its gushing quirks, but I'm very much curious if these are things that others experience as well. Thank you!
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