a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Friend diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer

I'm sorry to post twice in a row, but it just now occurred to me that this would be a place to maybe get some information. (If posting twice in a row violates a rule, let me know, please. I did read through the rules just now and didn't see it mentioned but it's possible I missed it.) I did look through the tags as well.

A friend of mine was just diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer, with mets to the lungs.

I know this isn't good. I know this is very, very much the opposite of good.

But I want to know if the fact that she's young - only 34 - will possibly help her in terms of possibly recovery.

I know the odds of said recovery aren't good. I know that even if she does beat it once, it will likely recur. But is there a chance that it won't?

She's not the first loved one I've had with cancer. If she passes, she won't be the first I've lost. She's not the first with ovarian cancer; not even the first very young person with ovarian cancer (we had a mutual friend who passed in her mid-20s from it). But this is somehow harder for me to accept than everything that came before it.

I've tried to find this information out there, but all I can find on the Google is basic survival statistics. Maybe age doesn't matter, I don't know. But I thought someone here might.
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