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Peritoneal dialysis and internal pain

I figure this is worth a shot here, as it's somewhat related to the appropriate body parts and this is a big enough community, I imagine other PDers have to be here.

If you'd like to learn more about peritoneal dialysis, please read here.

I had my catheter placed mid-February.  After an episode where my catheter flipped (and ended up fixing itself in the 10 days from x-ray to procedure) I started dialyzing full time about 2 months ago.  I normally use a cycler at night, but over the weekend I did manuals to try and use up some of the horrendous amount of supplies they initially sent me.  The issue I'm about to describe happened once during my training back in March (and I notified my nurse at the time it was happening) and then started again, continually, since Saturday.

When I drain, as I get close to empty, I get drain pain.  This in and of itself is not uncommon.  However, I'm feeling the pain at my rectum and also experience a feeling similar to menstrual cramps.  At first, the pain was bearable, but got progressively worse over the weekend, culminating in pain so bad during my initial drain back on the cycler last night that it brought me to tears and it was all I could do to avoid crying out in pain.  The 2 following drains I slept through and my final drain this morning was painful, but bearable, nothing close to last night.  I would have some discomfort when the fill would start.  Today, the pain has been present most of the day, particularly after my physical therapy session this afternoon.

Any ideas?  I'm at a loss at the moment and will be calling my nurse tomorrow if tonight's treatment yields similar results.  I'm a bit concerned my catheter might be tangled somewhere it shouldn't be.
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