ruffian_lust (ruffian_lust) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period Seems Like All Old Blood. Normal? Cause for Concern?

Greetings superstars! I'm 28, nulliparous, on a hormonal bc pill. I have a question that I was hoping that some of you might shed some wisdom on:

My periods are always pretty regular (I'm on a hormonal bc), but the last three months they've been light to the point of nonexistent. In late February I had about a week of breakthrough bleeding (I think caused by the fact that I had a stomach virus and missed one pill - but only one, and my spouse and I didn't have vaginal sex again until I started my new pill pack two weeks later.) that went straight into my period. The month after that (late march), no bleeding at all, which is common for me when I've had breakthrough bleeding the month before. So far, so normal. But then in April, some brownish discharge and no bleeding. And I just finished my "period" this month yesterday, and it was incredibly light and all looked like old blood. Though very little blood, I've had all my normal period symptoms - headaches, lower back cramps, etc. Has anyone had any experience with something like this?
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