mrtentaclenun (mrtentaclenun) wrote in vaginapagina,

Constant breast pain

I am a 25 year old cis woman, no kids, never been pregnant. I have had the skyla IUD for 11 months, prior to that I was on lo loestrin for several months, and the depo shot for three years before that. I have had tenderness in mostly my right breast for several years. It happened randomly it seemed and at the time would last a few days (I have not had a menstrual cycle in over five years). The pain has become more constant the last few months. It has also started in my left breast as well. My right breast is now rather painful to touch. If I don't touch it, it is only sore some of the time (I really hope I am making sense!). I have no lumps I can feel, no discharge, no obvious visual skin issues. Nipple and the side leading to my armpit hurt the most. I have brought the pain up to my gyno several times over the years and every time she tells me "breasts are like grapes. Sometimes they swell with liquids and they hurt". I have ignored the pain for years but it is really becoming an annoyance. My boyfriend can no longer touch my chest area without discomfort and if he or I bump my breasts on accident it is very painful.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Do I keep asking my doctor? I quite like her and would hate to find another gyno. Could it be birth control related even though the pain has occurred during different types of birth controls? For a while I thought it was due to running (I did a marathon and I thought all of the the bouncing was causing the pain but I have not run since my marathon in november). Thank you for any advice!

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