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Chronic Yeast infection

Quick history, I have been married for 20 years and have been healthy. About a year and half back I got my very first yeast infection it took me about 3 months to go to the doctor because I just thought my skin was irritated and it would subside and return every month. Went to my doctor and had a pap smear and it came back positive for yeast. Doctor gave me flucanazole and about 3 weeks later the yeast was back, doctor decided to put me on a weekly dose of flucanazole for 6 months and during the treatment I was fine. I finished that treatment this past December 2013 and about 3 weeks later the yeast had returned. Did a lot of looking online and everything I read talked about yeast and HIV so even though I had no reason to think that was my case I got extremely nervous and I requested to be tested, results returned negative and all of my labs were normal no std, no diabetes, nothing that would explain why I could not keep the yeast away. I tried everything I read about trying to take the natural route but nothing worked. Everything I have read about yeast is horrifying.

Doctor has now put me on a second round of flucanazole for another 6 months and it has helped most of the symptoms that yeast carries only this time it seems to not to be working completely. I feel poking and tickling like if something was crawling in there at times I feel itching. I returned to the doctor and she retested to see if maybe the flucanazole was no longer working but everything came back normal. A couple of weeks ago I started feeling really irritated in the armpits eventually it turned into burning but I had no rash at all skin looked completely normal, back to the doctor, she said that from what I was feeling she would say it was a fungal infection like tinea but she couldn't see any rash at all. She gave me an anti-fungal cream anyway. I used the cream and the burning has subsided. My question is wouldn't the oral anti-fungal I am currently on have prevented the skin infection from happening? I am so depressed and I am worried sick over the whole thing I keep going back to my lab results to make sure my HIV tests (I have done it twice in the last year and a half) still say non reactive. Yeast has ruined my life I can't function I am worried about it all the time. Has anybody had an experience like mine?
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