lea426 (lea426) wrote in vaginapagina,

BV/Yeast and Sex! Please help.

Hello! First time posting here. Quick background: the end of March, I was on two diff antibiotics for a total of two weeks. First z-pack, then clindamycin. As soon as I stopped the antibiotics, bam yeast infection. I attempted to clear it up with a 3, 1 and then 7 day monistat. Have been on diflucan twice, once for two days, now for seven. Also flagyl once for possible BV or strep. My real question is this: my boyfriend is a saint, but it's been two months since we have had sex. I'm worried that this will be an indefinite thing because I have no idea how I'm going to treat it. I have been trying all natural remedies as well. Can we still have sex while using a condom? Even once a week? I was going to try to find natural condoms. Will this just prolong the infection? Please help, I'm so upset over this. Thank you.
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