zinewizard (zinewizard) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late Period, Kind of Freaking Out

Hi everyone!
I used to be a part of this forum but lost the old passwords to my older accounts so let's start fresh.

Fresh into panic.
I'm in my early 20s, and my boyfriend and I had a long penetration hiatus (thanks school). We've relied on condoms in the past, and they haven't let us down. However, around May 19th we finally had a chance to catch up. We started having penetrative sex, and then thought it would be best to use a condom before things got too exciting.

I fully expected my period somewhere around the 23rd.
It hasn't shown up, despite me having near constant mild cramps, and now I've got vertigo (it could be from me spending all morning reading a book).

My doctor has speculated that I had/have cysts (or endo but he doesn't want to search), and I've had multiple incidents of extreme clotting and weird pink fleshy gobs of stuff before. I figured I was infertile because of the dozens of incidents years ago where I only relied on withdrawl method and a boyfriend with bad timing.

I have a strong phobia of pregnancy, so I don't feel comfortable typing "me" and "pregnant" in a sentence linking those together, but is it a possibility?
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