the_bone_doctor (the_bone_doctor) wrote in vaginapagina,

Seeking Tubal Ligation Experiences/Advice

Greetings, VP friends.

I have a tubal ligation planned for 6/11 and I'm a bit nervous about the procedure and aftermath. If anyone has had this procedure, I'd love to hear some stories about pain levels, recovery time, and self care.  I am especially anxious about the gas pains and bloating (they fill your abdomen with gas to visualize the tubes, and then the gas stays around for a while afterward). I have an eating disorder and bloating is a big trigger for me. So, I'd really like to hear how long the bloating lasted for folks and what the gas pains felt like.

I searched the tags and noticed that there isn't a specific tag for tubal ligations. There is one for essure, which is a different form of sterilization, and there is one for general non-hormonal birth control methods, which is ...well, very general. Would mods be amenable to creating a new tag?

Thanks, all.
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