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Ovulation spotting/Bleeding and Vaginal Discharges

Hello VPers,

Since my post in December and Beth kindly replied to my post about Pre-Period Spotting (New Normal) I've been charting my period and this month, I noticed a slight difference.

As usual, I get my spotting of 3 days (13th May) prior to the start (16th May) of my period and then on the 24th, I got Pinkish discharge and 25th, thin streaks of blood in my discharge and then on the 26th, I got some brownish discharge and the thin streaks in the next discharge. Normal/usual discharge on the 27th and then on the 28th, I get Pinkish brown discharge with thin blood streaks, and then brownish discharge, and then thin blood streaks in discharge again. Then on the 29th, I get thin blood streaks in my discharge again. And today, this morning I got thin blood streaks in my discharge, then pinkish discharge, and then brownish discharge and then the normal discharge.

I honestly don't know if it's my ovulation that's lasting so many days (I checked the ovulation calculator and it says that my ovulation period should be between 27th to 1st June if I'm on a 28 day period), or part of the end of my period with left overs in my cervix being flushed down together and then the next day my ovulation starts?

All the discharges doesn't have any smelly (usual) odor or gave me itchiness. The streaks of blood don't even smell of blood? And the color isn't like the period type of consistency or color.

The sites that I go to for information varies greatly. Some say that it's a fertility thing and that it's very common, some say that it's not normal to have blood discharges during ovulation, some day that it's perfectly normal and usually lasts 1-2 days, the most 4-5 days. Some say that it's not normal to have ovulation discharges every month. So I'm confused and a bit worried that my situation falls out of the normal scope?

I masturbate nearly everyday (only via simulation of the clitoris) and sometimes twice a day and my period is quite regular, falling between 27-29 days.

Any insights, or suggestions/help/comments are greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!
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