Jennifer (xxflyingsoulxx) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI and bleeding

I'm a cisgendered woman in a heterosexual relationship. He is Australian, and I am American, and I have been living in Aussie for the past 6 months (temporarily) so we wouldn't have to do an LDR anymore. Yesterday morning, UTI symptoms just started suddenly: a frequent urge to urinate, terrible burning while doing so, and by the afternoon, there'll be blood in my urine as well. I drank cranberry juice all evening and it seemed to get better. My last urination of the day seemed almost normal. I went to the doctor, and since I don't have private insurance here, the doctor conducted a simple stick test with my urine and it showed that it was infected, so he prescribed me 7 days of antibiotics to treat bladder infections because it was not specific on what infection I had. If it's not cleared up in 7 days, I'm told to go back and get specifics on what is wrong with me.

I'm a worrier, so I could just use peace of mind in the next 7 days. I told the doctor about the blood, and that's what worries me. I have never had a UTI hurt so badly before. I will continue to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. Any other advice for the next week? Should I be looking out for anything that may cause alarm?

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