Tina (udntknomeson) wrote in vaginapagina,

YI orr..something worse?

So, I'm basically making this post to soothe the hypochondriac in me - which is what I'm doing basically every time I post here -___-..but here's the story: I'm currently in a monogamous relationship with a female. For a month or two now, I've been having random itching down there - in my vulva, around the entrance to my vagina, around my anus. I never really think much of it; until recently. About three weeks ago, I messed up and cheated on my girl with a with a friend of a friend. We did use a condom. Now every time I get an itch I can't help but think something like, "is it an STI"? I've been noticing some whitish yellow discharge on my underwear, and I've also been having random pains in my lower abdomen and back for a few days now. The pains could have something to do with the fact I started my period today. But also, I use a Divacup and I feel like I'm having some discomfort while wearing it, which is unusual. Now, I've had chlamydia three times in the past (I'm sure that sounds bad but oh well), and each time I've had it I KNEW right away that something was wrong, simply because my ladybits had a strong, indescribable kind of odor. And each time I got it, it was from unprotected sex. If I had it again it'd probably present itself in the same way, right (odor)? I'm sure all of this sounds really silly, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets OCD about STDs and thinking something's wrong with them. Do any of my current symptoms sound indicative of an STI? Could these things be caused by a yeast infection (which I kinda feel like it might be, I don't get them often though)? I feel bad enough that I cheated, and it'd kill me if I passed something to my girlfriend. I do plan to get tested, but in the mean time, can someone with some sense help me stop being such a worrywart please :) Thanks everyone.
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