Eleanor Rigby (blukitten) wrote in vaginapagina,
Eleanor Rigby

PMDD woes

I've been suffering from PMDD for quite awhile and it is getting to the point where it is severely affecting my life and my relationships. I have tried birth control and antidepressants (both do NOT work), doctors seem to think that either exercise or antidepressants are the only way to alleviate my symptoms, which maybe is partially true, but when you experience severe fatigue, psychosis, leg pain and general malaise, it's not so easy to just get up and exercise. I have experimented with a few things, and I am willing to try the raw diet, which to be honest, doesn't really seem sustainable either with such overpowering food cravings (and my cravings aren't for kale), maybe I'm a little bit weaker than others with PMDD, but it doesn't seem like a very appealing or realistic option for me.

I have had to do all my own research on my illnesses, because every doctor dismisses it as straight depression and just laziness. I read about hormone replacement therapy and I have been going to a gynecologist for years who I thought was on my side, I have told her countless times that the PMDD is becoming unmanageable and that antidepressants (zoloft and paxil) do not alleviate my symptoms. I had an IUD (mirena) placed for heavy bleeding, which has been helpful but it doesn't fix the PMDD symptoms. Have any of y'all heard anything about HRT for PMDD, or tried it, my hormone levels are completely out of whack and one time my testosterone was elevated, my gyn says she doesn't feel comfortable giving me HRT because I'm not in the right age bracket and it's not normally given for this condition. Anybody know about this option? Positives? Negatives? Risks? Thanks in advance.
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