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Used gentian violet for yeast infection, bad reaction?

Hi all. So I'm new to here, and I stumbled across it by searching "gentian violet yeast infection." Which was great, because NOTHING else was working for me! I had a yeast infection and BV, yeast infection went away with Diflucan, but my Dr. had only given me one Diflucan and told me to take it at the start of my metronidazole treatment. Safe to say, that yeastie came back more aggressively.
Back track...
Since then I've done Diflucan (1 dose for a really bad weekend when I couldn't see doctor, and 2 doses within 72 hours when I saw Dr.) and Boric acid. But the boric acid didn't help as much as I had hoped (had some trouble inserting it properly).
Went to a different doctor, now that I'm home for the summer, and she did a culture on me, wasn't going to be back in a week. In the meantime, my period was ending, and as it ended, the yeast came back. I had been so sick and tired of dealing with this since April, so I went out and got some gentian violet.

The first night, I diluted it way too much (think 10:1 water to GV ratio), and I couldn't get the tampon in because it was so soaked (used one w/ applicator) so I took it out and put it up there as much as I could, let it sit for 3 hours.

Next morning, woke up to GV all over my sink (mom's fiancé had used my bathroom while half asleep and tipped bottle over, apparently I hadn't closed it all the way;; really good thing he did not try to pick it up).

Went to Walmart, got more. This time, diluted it to be 1%. Was able to properly insert the GV-soaked tampon and let that sit for about 4 hours.

The next day, my vagina felt super dry. And the purple discharge was burning me. I got some coconut oil and make little suppositories with that to help me.

Today, I woke up and it is like hell fire. I have taken 2 chamomile baths (only time I feel remotely better), but it is so dry that any time anything brushes against my V, it feels awful. Also, I think the GV that I applied externally caused little lacerations because it burns so much to pee. :( I also noticed a little red rash on one side (doesn't hurt to touch it, but looks irritated) and my inner lips have red markings on them. So from my understanding, I have a chemical burn from the GV?

Is there anything that can help me/how long does this last/SOS???

I've been applying A&D ointment as a barrier to help me pee, and using coconut oil as a moisturizer. The chamomile bath really helps a lot, but I can't spend all day sitting in it is the only problem! I've also been taking ibuprofen. It's also very itchy -- but not yeast type of itchy -- almost like a burn healing itchy?

I'm pretty sure I definitely killed all the yeast that was in there, and then some, because I will sit in the bath a little, tiny purple particles will float out of me.

Basically just asking for moral support/advice/timeframe of how long I will have to deal with this for (if it's just 2 days, then totally worth it for the infection to be gone).

Thanks friends!

UPDATE: Parts of the inner labia lips are really red (from contact with the GV) whereas other parts are normal. There's also a cut near my urethrea that's really annoying. :(

**UPDATE:** Feel much better today, only pain is when a burned part of my skin is touched. It's just a small area on my inner labia, so it's pretty easy to avoid. However, I'm kind of angry at myself, or maybe my doctors, or both. I got a call back from the 3rd doctor I've visited, about my culture results. APPARENTLY there was no yeast there. Instead, I have Group B Strep. Which apparently can have REALLY similar symptoms to a yeast infection. So, who knows. Will continue on with my charred V, and at least I have diflucan if I develop a yeast infection from my new antibiotics. Cheers
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