Ashley (disturbedme) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is it possible to have the depo shot given to you wrong?

Hey, everyone.

I have a question/concern.

I got my depo shot today by a different nurse than I usually have it done by.

I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't feel a thing when this nurse gave me the shot. Usually, I always feel the needle go in and I always feel the medicine as it goes into my gluteus muscle which causes the muscle to clench. Anyway, I think this nurse did it wrong because she pinched the skin (fat) and then gave me the shot (usually that is done with subcutaneous). For IM (intramuscular), you do not pinch the fat as you want the needle to reach the muscle, so you hold the skin taught while you go deep to the muscle. She did not do that at all.

My question is...does this mean anything for the actual medicine since it didn't go into the muscle? Will this cause any problems? Will it still work the same way? Stay in my system as long as the IM shot would, etc.?

Thanks so much!

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