rothwellgirl18 (rothwellgirl18) wrote in vaginapagina,

Does the vagina get tighter further up?

Hi I am new to this page and wanted some advice.

I have only been having sex for about 5 months and have only done it with one man. I have been experiencing pain although it is less than when I started having penetrative sex. I have used my own finger to feel up my vagina as has my partner. At about an inch or so in it seems to become tighter and it begins to be a bit painful at this point. The pain feels like something is being pushed which isn't meant to be pushed. When I am very aroused my partners fingers are able to go much further without pain. However sex still hurts.

Is this any cause for concern or is it normal for my vagina to feel like this?

Any comments would be gratefully received, thanks rothwellgirl18
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