Nyx (nyxinked) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late Period around exam time: Part two.

EDIT: All okay with my bloods. Negative for pregnancy also. So I am just a nervous nelly! Thank you all for putting up with me!

Still awaiting my period with 8 negative pregnancy results (one done over the last eight days). This morning I went to my doctor who decided to take blood tests, so those will be back today (hopefully). I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for these results. If I am pregnant this could potential harm my university/ career year.

Some details:

  • We have been very safe - Male condom.

  • He has been inside me once without a condom, but only for a second and only to see if it was painful for me (I have pain during sex quite often and at the time we just wanted to check before he suited up).

  • I am late by approximately 13 days.

  • All EIGHT pregnancy tests have been negative. I used Clear Blue, First Response and then some cheap ones just in case they maybe picked up on something.

  • My weight has recently changed. I have put on weight due to exams, eating more and also because I had to due to past Anorexia.

  • My only symptom is a missed period.

  • I sometimes get wee cramps but I actually think they may be from worry.

  • I was born into this world worrying.

So, in your opinions, is the chance of pregnancy slim? My mother has been on Google and so you can only guess what she has read on there. She is freaking me out and keeping the stress flowing. Just looking for honest opinions, and I'm sorry to anyone who has read this all before and is thinking 'Jaysus, woman, chill.'

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