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Anonymous Post: Yeast Infection + Garlic

Greetings, fellow Superstars! As you probably know, from time to time the VP Team makes posts on behalf of people who wish to remain anonymous or who do not have LJ accounts. This is one such post. Thanks in advance for your helpful comments. :)

P.S. For more info on anonymous posts, see our instructions on how to make them!

for the VP Team

Hey everyone, I read an article here on garlic and yeast infection and I currently have a clove of garlic in my vagina to relieve the itching. I did it the night before last night and it cleared the itching for a day, but today the itching was twice as bad and so I did it once again.

Thing is, I'm not sure if what i have is yeast infection. It started itching right when my period ended and i kept wearing pantyliners because of the discharge but i already stopped wearing. It is white, sticky and watery, like snot, and sometimes it has a pale yellow color and when it dries it turns into a tiny green ball. It has no foul odor, though. What i got going is just the discharge and the itching.

I'm kind of broke right now and it would take a whole day or two to get checked by a doctor, I'd really rather not go, seeing as how my symptoms are not exactly severe. I'm hoping for some of your insight on my matter. Thank you :)
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