megankgr (megankgr) wrote in vaginapagina,

Brown spotting and late period

Hey there everybody! I posted this in iud_divas but now I'm thinking it might be more appropriate over here..
I've got a curious situation going on and I'm just wondering if anybody on here has had this happen before.
I've had brown spotting for almost 3 weeks now. It started right when my tracker app told me I should be ovulating and I figured that was the cause, except it's still happening!
Also, my period was supposed to start 2 days ago but I don't have any of my usual pms symptoms (usually my nipples are extremely tender for a week or so prior to my period starting and I typically have cramps for a few days prior). I know 2 days is no big deal but since my pms symptoms haven't even started I know I'm going to be AT LEAST a week late. I peed on a stick to ease my mind and it was negative.
Now I did have an extremely stressful start to this month with grad school finals and papers due and financial worries, but I've never missed a period before. Now I know that stress can delay ovulation/menstruation and wouldn't think much of this if it wasn't for this incessant brown spotting..
Any ideas or explanations? Anyone else ever experience this?
Thanks for reading!

Edit:because I forgot to mention I'm 23 and have a 6.5 month old paragard IUD.
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