opioid naïve patient (nepheliad) wrote in vaginapagina,
opioid naïve patient

D&C -- general anesthesia?

Hi superstars,

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with getting a D&C done under a general, or if anyone actually knew if this was something doctors are even willing to do at all. (I'm pretty sure we have a couple anesthesiologists around?)

I'm on Seasonique (edit for clarification that this isn't adjustment bleeding: I have been on Seasonique for 4 and a half years) and usually skip the low-dose pills due to having endo that still likes to immobilize me for the week. But sometimes I get breakthrough bleeding ... and the last time that happened, back in January, it was 18 days of breakthrough bleeding. It's usually about two light days, not that. I had to travel for a few days and was supposed to have a D&C to stop the bleeding when I got home, but as soon as the plane landed in my away-from-home destination the bleeding stopped. Unfortunately it started again about eight days ago, is pretty heavy, and this time air travel isn't an option to repair it, I'm not scheduled to fly again until July!

All jokes aside, though, I'm incredibly nervous. If this continues for another few days I'm going to have to have the procedure done. I've never had a D&C before, and I have pretty severe pelvic floor muscle dysfunction as well as panic disorder and PTSD. Getting a regular gyno exam done is the day from hell, and Pap smears hurt almost as much as having a stroke. (I know, I've done both. The blood thinners I'm on now are complicating this, because it's lots of very thin heavy bleeding.)

Because of the muscle issues and the panic, I think having me awake for the procedure would be way too complicated for the provider and just make everything more difficult because of how tense I would be. Spinal block isn't much of an improvement, as I'm twitchy, hypersensitive and getting an epidural line in me has never been something easy to accomplish. Doctors don't want to let me bleed much longer because I'm getting weak and anemic, but I keep hoping it'll just stop. I'm still on active BC, so hopefully my hormone levels get their act together.

Sorry for all of the rambling, I'm tired and losing my point, which was: has anyone had experience with D&C under general anesthesia? Or know any reason why it couldn't be done? General D&C advice?
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