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MMMMonday: Let's Talk about Lube

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VP maintainer mangofandango brought this review of Pink and Gun Oil brand sex lubes to the rest of the maintainer team's attention.

In it, dizzygirl, the author, notes that both lines are produced by the same manufacturer. Additionally, the formula for Pink Silicone is basically identical to the formula for Gun Oil Silicone -- as the formula for Pink Water matches the formula for Gun Oil H2O. Essentially, there's a masculine-marketed and a feminine-marketed version of each lube.

What's more: For any comparable sizes, the Gun Oil version has a cheaper per ounce price than does its Pink equivalent. Even beyond that, Empowered Products (the makers of both lines of lube) offer Gun Oil in a far greater range of sizes than it offers either Pink. That is, you can buy a quart (32 oz.) of the "boy lube" if you're so inclined; if it's the "girl lube" you're after, the largest size tops out at just under a cup (6.7 oz.). That's better than a fourfold difference.

Ever the extrapolaters, we're very interested in what this suggests about the manufacturer's -- and maybe greater society's -- assumptions are about gender, genitals, sexual activity, and lube. Why the size discrepancy? Why the price discrepancy? (And as an avid Pink -- water and silicone -- user for years, what does it say about me that I never noticed this until someone pointed it out to me? :P)

Also, feel free to share with us your favorite recommendations for lube!
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