Andrea (fushigi_na_chou) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible CMV outbreak?

A couple of years ago I had myself tested for herpes due to a sore/lesion on my labia; my bloodwork came back negative for HSV-1 or -2, but showed that I had apparently been exposed to CMV (another virus in the herpes family -- apparently basically everyone has it). My initial sores ended up draining on their own healed up with no issues. This evening I noticed what appears to be a white blister on the back of my throat. I don't have any pain on swallowing or any other discomfort to speak of (beyond the ew factor of having a blister on the back of my throat), though I did notice that my temperature was up a whole degree this morning (I also temp daily as part of the FAM method of birth control), though that could be attributed to the fact that I temped later than usual and after being away for some thirty minutes or so (because I suddenly remembered that I hadn't actually taken my temperature when my alarm woke me to do so).

Anyway, my question is more directed towards anyone that maybe has had any herpes related symptoms in their mouth/throat. I don't have insurance at the moment so I can't just go to the doctor to have them look at it, so any feedback from you wonderful vagpag-ers would be appreciated. :) Does this little blister seem congruent with herpes viruses (as opposed to anything else in the world -- I know it's not strep since no pain, fever isn't high enough, and I've had strep so many times I just know this isn't it)? In terms of it draining, what should I expect (if it is in fact CMV)? I'm so squicked out by the idea of a blister draining in my throat, but I guess it won't kill me :P Is there anything else I should look for in terms of symptoms that may point to this definitely being CMV related? Or anything I can do to make it heal more quickly? Sorry if my questions are silly, I just never expected to ever have any symptoms on my throat. 8D Thanks so much in advance. :)
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