Nyx (nyxinked) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late Period around exam time?

I am currently studying for my second year examinations for University and am over 3 weeks late on my period, although this is a rough guess and it could be far more.

I have noticed more discharge than usual lately, I am having pains in my stomach - almost like my period is trying to start but not quite getting there, and I am lethargic and experiencing headaches like I normally would during my cycle.

I'm not overly sure if it's stress or if I am, somehow, pregnant. I say somehow because my boyfriend and I barely have sex, the last time we did we used condoms and he didn't ejaculate. Every so often I will ask him to 'put it in'  without a condom just to see if I can handle it (I have extreme pain on occasion when having sex) and, although he is erect, there is no indication of pre-cum etc. So I am about 89% sure it can't be pregnancy, even so there is still that 11% of fear and doubt.

Is stress a genuine reason for late periods? What else could it be other than stress and pregnancy?

[Edit: Today I am experiencing more pains in my stomach - again like my period is about to start. Also experienced white, thick discharge when I urinated this morning. Discharge is common with me though but this was quite thick.]

[Edit II: Done a test and it was negative (One pink line appeared on the first response test). So my uterus is just being awkward....
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