L (assisted) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird pressure? Burning? Urethra?

I'm beginning to get quite stressed out about my vagina. Well, it's not my actual vagina that's the problem. I think it's my urethra.

This has all been happening since last Tuesday 6th.. Well, from what I can remember. Feeling a sort of pressure mostly at night time and sometimes soreness/burning sort of feeling. I feel very confused and stressed out... What on earth could it be? I've tried drinking plenty, weeing plenty, I sometimes wake up and feel fine but then bam at night I'm feeling a sort of weird sensation which makes me feel unable to get comfortable. It certainly feels more urethra based.

I've had plenty of UTIs but this doesn't feel like it. I'm only getting slight burning when I urinate and only on occasion.

My vagina itself looks healthy. Has anyone else had this? Any idea what it could be? :(


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