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Switching to the new generic patch

Hello lovelies!

I've been on Ortho Evra for the past decade (save one 3-month period of Depo Provera last summer in a misguided attempt to alleviate my since-removed-fibroid's symptoms... I instead bled for 3 months straight :P) and it's worked pretty well for me. I'd been forming ovarian cysts every 2-4 months prior to going on, and have experienced at most once since then!

It figures, after waiting all this time for a generic to come out so I can stop spending so much on my prescription, Xulane finally hits the market just a couple of months after ACA's let me start paying nothing for it anyways.

So I went to CVS today and they informed me that there's now a generic, which they are required by law to give me as my scrip doesn't say not to, which of course it doesn't there was no generic when it was written. Also, CVS has totally insisted on giving me the brand name of things before because they know they can make more money off it, so I don't know what's up with that. But, ok! Patches!

So, I'm looking at the insert for these and they are smaller than the Ortho Evra patches, and contain less active ingredient. The prescribing information for each seems to claim they deliver the same daily dosage, though. I'm a little worried about the switch? The insert has instructions for beginning from scratch or from the ring or pill, but makes no mention of that other patch. I know when you switch from one method of hormonal birth control to another, you often need to use a backup method for a couple of weeks... does that apply here?

I realize pretty much no one will actually have personal experience with Xulane as it just came out this month as far as I can tell, but I'd appreciate any insight you may have into safety with this and other switches from brand name to generic BC. Help calm my anxious mind?

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