allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in vaginapagina,
allison vernon-williams

HBC + Paragard?

Hi all! I come with a question from a friend. She's in a long term, monogamous relationship and isn't ready for kids, so she decided to get an IUD--she opted for Paragard over Mirena because she didn't want hormones unnecessarily. She has had her IUD for more than a year now. She's getting married in June, and while she has predictable periods, they're on the longer side (avg. 7 days) and they're quite heavy. This falls directly on her wedding day, which she'd like to avoid, so she started taking HBC called Gildess. Her last period started 4/22, slated to end 4/29. She started taking the HBC on 4/28, and she hasn't stopped bleeding since. It's not as heavy as normal, but it's more than spotting. Where she usually goes 3-4 hours on a super, she can go the full 8 on a light with this flow.

I know there tends to be an "adjustment" period where your body adapts to the new meds, but at what point should she be concerned? She's getting married in a month and a half. It's getting down to the wire on finding something that will work!
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