Lia (wyldlittlepoet) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird scaly patch between breasts

Heya superstars!

So, for the past few weeks, I've had this weird scaly patch between my breasts. Here's a link to a slightly NSFW photo. It doesn't itch or otherwise feel weird, so I forget about it for days at a time and only rediscover it when I happen to be looking down at my breasts. The scaly bits are a little more red in real life.

I'm a larger-busted woman, and it has been pretty hot where I've been recently, but I haven't been aware of any extraordinarily large amount of sweat pooling between my breasts. In fact, I try not to wear sports bras and camis with shelf bras in the summer precisely because I hate the feeling of sweat pooling. I stick to bras with moulded cups when I'm moving around and no bra when I'm staying in one place.

Any thoughts on what this could be? I thought it could be a yeast infection or something fungal, but it doesn't itch, so that's throwing me a bit...
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