bri (brihanna) wrote in vaginapagina,

yeast woes part 2: NOT yeast?!

first off i want to thank everyone who commented on my first post with advice. i'll try to make this post shorter than my previous one.

so i called my OBGYN's office yesterday and spoke to a nurse about the diflucan/terconazole's lack of effectiveness. the nurse spoke to my doctor and called me back to let me know that they did in fact send a culture to the lab (i was under the impression they didn't, guess i misunderstood) and it came back negative for everything. no yeast, no bv. um, WHAT?! so i was using all this medication for nothing?! then the nurse tells me the doctor prescribed nystatin cream to use on my vulva five or six times a day for five days, to treat the irritation. i read online this stuff is for yeast. confusing, right? i'm supposed to keep treating a yeast infection i apparently don't have? this stuff isn't giving me any relief anyway even though i continue to use it as directed. at this point i've lost all confidence in my doctor. i read online and found out there's a vulvar clinic nearby, but i'm not sure if i need a referral and frankly i'm afraid my doctor won't give me one if i ask. i got rather upset on the phone (not angry, just crying a bit), that may have put me in a negative light, idk.

the worst part is i was in a similar situation a couple of years ago. had bv, got yeast infection symptoms after taking flagyl, went back for cultures and everything came back negative. this was with my GP, not my current OBGYN. went to another OBGYN for a second opinion, same thing. my GP basically told me it was all in my head and tried giving me anti-anxiety medication. i basically gave up all hope, figuring my vagina was somehow broken. it ruined my summer, but after a few months it seemed to improve and eventually go away. didn't occur to me to actually use my head and do some research at the time. i was also not sexually active or on any form of birth control, now i'm on the depo shot. i'm thinking this is some sort of recurring case of vulvar vestibulitis (or possibly genital herpes but i think/hope these various doctors would've been able to recognize the signs), and considering it's highly treatable through a number of methods i'm determined to find out. but i don't trust my OBGYN to take me seriously and give me a referral if i need it. help? anyone experienced with vvs/uncaring doctors?
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