kat1244 (kat1244) wrote in vaginapagina,

Doctors disagree on what's wrong with my vagina. Help, I'm in diagnostic limbo.

I'll preface this by saying that I had the full Gardasil vaccine series prior to any sexual contact. I had an ex who had a past case of genital warts, but had been treated and was asymptomatic by the time we had sex. My gynecologist assured me that because I had the vaccine, I'd be fine. Apparently, he's reneging on his advice now. I'll explain.

I noticed a tiny, tiny growth on my labia minora a few months back. I have vestibular papillae in the normal locations, and it looked exactly like that, except that its location was off. It was on the "top" of my labia minora (so not the mucous membrane side). I Immediately freaked out, believing it to be HPV, and went in to see my dermatologist. She examines me with a dermatoscope (a special magnifying instrument) and states that I have no signs of any warts and that I'm fine. I went back a month later for her to check the bump, and she again stated that it wasn't HPV.

So I end up taking a pair of tweezers and "pinched" the little growth and it hurt, and to my surprise, the thing shrivels up and disappears in under a week. Weird. It never came back, even months later.

While I'm at my gynecologist, I show him a photo of the bump (still being paranoid. I mention to him I'm concerned about it being HPV. He looks at it and nonchalantly goes "Yeah, probably was HPV." He was extremely flippant about it and it was pretty upsetting.

I call my dermatologist crying after my gynecologist appointment, and she again reassures me that she stands by her diagnosis that I don't have any warts. I'm still really upset by what my gynecologist said. I feel like I'm in total diagnostic limbo. Can anyone help? Here's a photo of the little thing I'm talking about....it's the slightly reddish bump in the middle of my labia minora on the left: http://i.imgur.com/zRoCiME.jpg.
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