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yeast woes, help!

hello everyone, new member here. this is kind of a long story so here it goes

a few months ago i started to experience pain during sex with my boyfriend to the point where i basically didn't want to even try anymore. luckily he's extremely supportive and has been throughout this whole ordeal. i went to my OBGYN for my annual appointment, told her about it and she did my pap and all that (the speculum was extremely painful, i cried afterwards). i was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and she put me on metrogel for seven days, which resulted in a yeast infection. my symptoms then were the typical discharge, swollen labia/clitoris and some itching. i went back so she could take another sample and she said she did see some yeast and prescribed me a dose of diflucan. the swelling went down but the itching persisted, so a week later i called for another dose, which started to make me feel worse.

after that i called my OBGYN office but my doctor had went on vacation, in fact three of their doctors were on vacation at that time so the office was extremely understaffed (aren't they supposed to schedule vacation time so that DOESN'T happen?). i had new symptoms, such as burning during urination, difficulty starting a urine stream at times and just general burning on my inner labia around my vaginal opening. told all of this to the nurse practitioner over the phone, who took this as a sign of bv and a possible uti. she prescribed me oral flagyl and told me to go to a lab for a urine test, which came back negative. frankly the flagyl didn't seem to help much, i think it's very possibly she misdiagnosed me. towards the end of my flagyl use i began taking two fem dophilus a day, and maybe it was wishful thinking but it may have given me some relief.

now here's the kicker. at the end of that week, i had my wisdom teeth removed. so literally the day after i finished the flagyl, i was on 500 milligrams of amoxicillin every six hours to prevent infection. this of course either began or exacerbated a whole NEW infection. the burning in my labia intensified, it hurt to wipe even gently after urinating and i had watery discharge that smelled like sourdough bread. this was not pleasant. i stopped taking the fem dophilus because i figured since i had to take an antibiotic so frequently throughout the day, the probiotic wouldn't have a chance to survive in my body. that stuff is expensive! i didn't want to waste it when it might have a better chance of helping me after discontinuing antibiotic use. when that was all over i paid yet another visit to my OBGYN who was finally off vacation. she took another culture, and i asked her if she would send one to the lab to be grown but she refused, saying it was just a severe yeast infection. she decided it needed to be treated aggressively and prescribed two diflucan to be taken that day and then three days later, and terconazole cream to be injected vaginally three nights in a row. she said she'd be baffled if this didn't work.

well, obviously it didn't since i'm posting here. neither did the fem dophilus, even though i doubled my dosage. the only difference any of that made was that i began to have snot-like discharge after exercising, which i took to be the yeast expelling itself from my body. again, wishful thinking. woke up today still burning and miserable, after taking that second diflucan 24 hours ago. frankly i don't even want to call my OBGYN again, since what she said last time didn't inspire much confidence. it's clear to me this infection is resistant to antifungal medications. so what now?! i'm going on vacation with my boyfriend in a month, i want to be able to go swimming and have sex and just be COMFORTABLE! i've cut down on carbs, have always only worn cotton underwear, practice all of those general yeast prevention habits. i've been tested for HIV and diabetes within the past couple years, both of which came back negative. seems to me it's time to take this into my own hands.

i've read the vulvapedia and i'm considering the garlic clove trick, and then boric acid if that doesn't work. if anyone here has tried these methods, PLEASE post your stories! whether the treatments were successful or not! i've read so much about boric acid doing the trick when antifungals would not, but i know for a fact my OBGYN wouldn't prescribe it to me. i'm at the end of my rope here! help!
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