rubyxmermaid (rubyxmermaid) wrote in vaginapagina,

First Outbreak

Okay people please help!

I have a medical appointment on Thursday... but I have a feeling they are going to be unhelpful.

I have what I believe is a canker sore on my smaller/inner labia.

I went to a festival 1.5 weeks ago and when I returned I thought I had somehow gotten poison oak on my labia when urinating outside. At first it puffed up and was really itchy and appeared like a cyst, then after a few days it became a small ulcer very similar to the canker sores I get in my mouth on occasion.

I'm open to the idea that my boyfriend's HSV1 (oral) herpes transmitted to my vulva, but I've already been with him a year and it hadn't happened yet and the symptoms just don't match. It really does LOOK and FEEL like a canker sore except possibly more itchy. It hurts to be wet or to get urine on.

It's been about 8 days of this and I hope it heals but also want it to be present for the planned parenthood appointment Thursday morning.

I've been applying OTC cortisone cream and Technu gel (for itchy poison oak since I thought it was that at first).

Would this be similar to ANY other STDS or conditions other than canker sores.

EDIT: Planned Parenthood says it looks like Herpes to them. They swabbed it but the test came back with a false negative today. I am going to possibly get a blood test in a few weeks to confirm it's HSV1 and not HSV2. Clinician said she had never seen such a mild first outbreak so she highly suspects it's HSV1 - that and my partner had gotten infected with it when he was 8 years old, so more likely HSV1.
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