run, jane, run! (disith) wrote in vaginapagina,
run, jane, run!

Annoying bumps in pubic area

Hi, all! So, while these bumps aren't exactly brand new to me, I really want to get some prospective from others. Ever since I started my period - or should I say around the time I started growing pubic hair??? - I've always had to deal with bumps appearing in my pubic area. Sometimes, I only get one, and other times there are two at a time! They usually start as hard lumps under the surface of my skin, and then as time passes they turn into these reddish, pus-filled bumps. They rarely hurt, but there have been instances where they've been a little painful.

I don't really shave a lot. I mostly trim the area. Though, one thing I can say is that I trimmed my pubic hair sometime in late March, and around two or three weeks later - maybe a week or so before my period - a bump sprouted on my labia major area. A few days later, another formed on the other side, and now, I am currently dealing with a third one - except this one has remained a hard, painful lump under the surface!

Could they be ingrown hairs or something else? I'm extremely tired of dealing with them, but I'm starting to think I will have to deal with these things my entire life, lol


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