10:58 am - 04/21/2014

MMMMonday! Personal assumptions.

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Today, in the spirit of (and inspired by) Shakesville's questions of the day: What are some erroneous assumptions people make about you? Why do you think the assumptions are made? Do they bother you? Are those assumptions ever an asset? We'd just like to get some discussion going in comments, so if you're moved to, hop on in!
zedrobber 22nd-Apr-2014 01:06 pm (UTC)
People assume that I am a lesbian, when I'm pansexual, and assumed I was straight in my last relationship. They assume my sex life is 'boring'/'bad'. They assume I identify as female, when I'm genderqueer.

why? Well- I'm in a relationship with a girl, and people here seem incapable of understanding the concept of being bisexual/pansexual. I'm not gay or straight based on who I'm with.
I'm fat, and people seem to think that this means I don't somehow 'deserve' to have a 'good' sex life. ('good' being subjective as to whatever you deem as being good for you, of course).
And I have long hair and a girl's name, so despite wearing 'men's' clothing and generally being fairly androgynous in my clothing choices, I get seen as female.

It doesn't bother me as much as it used to; after all I'm in a stable relationship of my choosing and it has nothing to do with anyone else how I live life; however I do resent being completely misread so often XD
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