10:58 am - 04/21/2014

MMMMonday! Personal assumptions.

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Today, in the spirit of (and inspired by) Shakesville's questions of the day: What are some erroneous assumptions people make about you? Why do you think the assumptions are made? Do they bother you? Are those assumptions ever an asset? We'd just like to get some discussion going in comments, so if you're moved to, hop on in!
madamevoilanska 22nd-Apr-2014 04:22 am (UTC)
Assumption: That I'm younger than I am. That I'm a virgin.

Why: Mostly appearance (rosy cheeks, round face, bobbed curly hair), but also I don't drink or swear very much and I don't talk freely about sex to people I don't know very well. I don't like to share details about my sex life, which is (by choice) pretty quiet. I've never had a problem going without sex; I don't consider myself asexual, but somebody has to be extremely special for me to even consider sleeping with them. And discussing sex in public makes me feel self-conscious about my experience.

Do they bother me? Sometimes. I was in a production of Carmen in January and the director looked at me on the first day and said, "You're a GOOD GIRL, aren't you?" That made me angry. Why should it be anybody's business if I am a good girl? And what does that even mean?

Are they ever an asset? Absolutely. I find that when you don't use profanity or make sexual comments all the time, when you actually do swear or come up with a great innuendo, it has a bigger impact.

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