10:58 am - 04/21/2014

MMMMonday! Personal assumptions.

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Today, in the spirit of (and inspired by) Shakesville's questions of the day: What are some erroneous assumptions people make about you? Why do you think the assumptions are made? Do they bother you? Are those assumptions ever an asset? We'd just like to get some discussion going in comments, so if you're moved to, hop on in!
skay210 21st-Apr-2014 08:45 pm (UTC)
Opposite to the commenter above, people often assume I'm older than I am. I'm 26, but skipped college and started working in my chosen job field at a very young age, and I've been promoted enough times over the years that now I'm at the level more typical of someone who is 30-35. In my case, at work, it's a good thing because I do think it brings a certain level of "respect" that other people in our company who are my actual age but a lower title do not have.

Also, just kind of a random side story that I think is interesting...last week, I had 2 different people assume very blatantly that I was 1) Jewish, and going to be taking some work off to celebrate Passover, and then later in the week 2) Christian/Catholic, and going to be taking some work off to celebrate Easter. I am neither, and the way in which both of these people assumed outright (vs. just asking) seemed really...anti-PC for this day and age. I was a little uncomfortable with both situations because I am not religious at all, and have some very strong thoughts about why it's not for me, and I usually try and make an effort to not bring it up with other people so that I don't offend anyone else.
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