~Castiel~ (thusbands) wrote in vaginapagina,


I think that I am having problems with condoms. They are my only form of birth control. I can't take hbc. When we have sex the vaginal opening hurts. Like it's being rubbed wrong I suppose? I'm not really sure how to explain it. We use lube with the condoms and it doesn't really seem to help. I noticed that the condoms we use are ribbed a little bit so are there condoms that aren't ribbed? That are completely smooth? I'm also wondering if maybe my skin doesn't like the latex or the lube on the condoms. So does anyone use Lifestyles Skyn? Do they have large ribs? I'm starting to get really discouraged because nothing I try to use for birth control is working for my body. The reason I think it is the condoms and not some other problem is because we've had sex a few times without condoms and it doesn't really happen then unless it's super dry down there. Also can you use coconut oil with lifestyle skyns? Thanks so much!!
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