brookevale (brookevale) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help! Severe symptoms no answers

Hi. 6 weeks ago I started w extreme internal vaginal itching. I tried Monistat 3 which didn't work. Saw a gynecologist the following week. He did culture that came back positive for Candida albicans. Was given terazol 7. No relief. In the meantime began having severe pelvic and bladder pain and frequent urination. I changed gynecologist as he said cream should have worked (treated me like an ass). New practice's nurse practitioner gave me diflucan for every other day and gynazole 1. Had bad period w weird stringy chunky discharge. No relief. After period another culture was done and no candida, bacteria, strep, or stds. Hubby and I haven't had sex in months. Started doing diflucan daily. Itching isn't as severe but the bladder and pelvic issues are severe. Went to ER they did ultrasound showed nothing and some tests. On to next gynecologist I have white blood cells in urine. I can't tolerate antibiotics so waiting on culture. I am losing my mind and can't function. In bed all day w heating pad. Did gentian violet tampon which helped itching a bit. Been doing boric acid suppositories and drinking coconut kefir and taking probiotics. Period started again and weird stringy chunky speckle discharge again. Could I have a rare form of yeast not showing up on culture or do all yeasts show up in culture? Some bacteria they are missing? I have had digestive issues for 4 months lost a ton of weight lots of diarrhea. Living on Imodium and bentyl. Could these cause issues? I'm 44 and wonder if hormones play a part. Also, drinking cranberry tea.
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