K McDowell (K McDowell) wrote in vaginapagina,
K McDowell
K McDowell

Requiring insight from anyone who has taken Junel Fe 1/20

So, to keep things short, I was put on Generess Fe for about a year and it worked fantastic. However, I am a mere broke twenty year old so, it became too expensive for me. In result of that, my gynecologist put me on Microgestin Fe. It also worked fine, but I made the mistake of letting my mom pick up my prescription when I needed to get it refilled and she got the generic, Junel Fe. She thought she was doing a favor, not knowing that it was only a dollar cheaper. So, what I am asking here is if I am still protected by Junel after being on Microgestin for a full month and starting Junel after my last Microgestin and if anyone can give me any insight on how their experiences with Junel was/is.

I'm very paranoid about starting a new pill and especially a generic. I'm on the brink of stocking up on Plan B here so any personal accounts would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance.
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