Little Girl Lost (lil_girl_lost) wrote in vaginapagina,
Little Girl Lost

Post exposure prophylaxis.

Has anyone had any experience with PEP?

I was recently on holiday in Romania and did meet someone who I subsequently went home with.  It started out fine, and we were safe, although he was a little rough.  However, at some point during the night, he refused to keep wearing condoms.  I asked him to stop to use one, but he wouldn't do so and over and over I tried to get him to stop.  The upshot of that is that there was an amount of unprotected sex with someone whose background and status I don't know.  He finished in my mouth; I spat it out, but I had recently flossed, and there was a little bit of blood there earlier in the day (about 10 hours before).  On top of that, with the roughness of the sex, I'm not sure how much damage I've done and how much that increases risk of transmission.

I've been to a walk in clinic, and the nurse that triaged me has said they would offer PEP, however, Romania is a low risk country, the intercourse was low risk, and he and a doctor he consulted have agreed that the risk of transmission is really incredibly low.  I understand it can put your body through hell.

I know no one can make the decision for me and the ultimate decision is mine.  But I don't really know how to find out more information or how to weigh the pros and cons.  I've been thinking about it non stop since it happened (about 36 hours ago), and I know the window is really tight - I will need to get it tomorrow for it to be in any way effective and that even so, there's no guarantees.

So I guess - have you had experience with it?  Is it really hell, or is it worth it to take it for a low risk transmission?  Are there any sites you can link me to that have support?  I have the number of Safe Haven, but I'm too scared to call it.
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