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MMMMonday! Equal Pay Day 2014.

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Equal Pay Day in the U.S. was last week, on April 8th - the point on the 2014 calendar to which the average American female worker must work to match the average American man's 2013 pay. Today we have some links for you if you want to know more about the pay gap, or get some idea of what to do if you're being paid unfairly.

Pew Research offers some stats on the wage gap, and the US Dept. of Labor does some myth busting. Think Progress explains how the gap is wider for women of color. And here's a list of actions you might take if you think you're being paid less than your co-workers due to discrimination. (Of course, many people won't find a lot to help them in this list - this is a large problem that intersects with all kinds of power imbalances, making action sometimes impossible even if one knows they are being paid unfairly. But the list is there, in case it is helpful to any of you.)

Wage equality is a worldwide issue, but as this map shows, this map gives you a look at where the U.S. stands in relative terms.

Want to talk about your experiences with payment and discrimination? Have any other links you think might be helpful or informative? Let's talk in the comments!
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